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6-Way Blade Fuse Box SW226

115mm length

53mm width

60mm Height (including holding screw head)

Manufacturer unknown

2 available

6-way blade fuse box SW226 2.JPG
Con rod bearings 4.0L Rover V8 STC1426010 +0.010 oversize

STC1426010 Oversize big end bearings for 4.0L Rover v8 engines

Two sets of 16 available

Con rod bearings Std. 3.5L, 3.9L, 4.2L Rover V8 RTC2177

RTC2177 con rod / big end bearings std size

Suitable for:

3.5L, 3.9L and 4.2L Rover V8 engines


Disco 1

RR Classic

Defender 111/101

Mains bearings Rover V8 4.0L, 4.6L STC4299P (formerly STC1425)

STC4299P Std main bearings suitable for Rover V8 4.0L, 4.6L:

RR P38 '94-'02 petrol

Disco 2 '98-'04

Defender (petrol) '90-'16

Two sets available

Mains bearings Rover V8 4.0L, 4.6L STC429910 +10 oversize

STC429910  oversize main bearings Rover V8 4.0L, 4.6L:


Discovery 2

Range Rover P38

Two sets available

Con Rod / Big End bearings 3.5L, 3.9L RTC2117020 + 20 oversize

RTC2117020  oversize main bearings Rover V8 3.5L, 3.9L:

Land-Rover Series 3

Defender 90/110

Range-Rover Classic

PRC9858 Ignition Coil

PRC9858 Ignition Coil

Made in the UK

12-Volt Standard

Stock Clearance

PRC9858 Ignition Coil.jpg

£5.00 Incl. VAT @ 20%