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Who Are We?

This website is under construction with pages and products added daily.

Why the change of website? To many, you may already know and understand. V8Tuning is taking the place of v8tuner because of the loss of Paul who together with me (Pat) started up Abbey Sportcars Ltd. over 20 years ago.

Now that Paul is no longer with us I want to keep his hard work and presence going because I promised him I would.

I promised I would not allow his expertise and knowledge be lost which last year, was in danger of happening.

The only way to keep my promise was to start a new company and website which I have done. The new limited company bears his name with V8Tuning as the trading name.

There is a lot I cannot do. Paul was the expert but I will do my best to maintain his reputation and ensure his life's work is not lost and forgotten.

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