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Comp Cams 10W/30 Running in oil (break-in oil)

Cams Break-In Oil 10W/30

BY1590 Comp Cams 10W/40 break-in oil £7.00 each incl. VAT

Comp Cams Break-In oil additive

BY1590 Comp Cams break-in oil additive £12.14 each incl. VAT

Break-In oil 10W/30 and Additive required for camshafts DW262

DW270 to comply with warranty.

Quantity required:

Break-In oil 10W/30 x 6 (supplied in 1qt containers (US measurement) = approx. 946.00ml £42.00 incl. VAT

Break-In oil additive x 1 @ 354.00ml £12.14 incl. VAT