Camshaft Accessories

Land Rover Teflon Thrust Bolt Spacer Kit STC3620K

Camshaft Thrust Bolt Kit (spacer) STC3620K

Genuine Land Rover part

Kit contains Thrust bolt with Teflon Button (fitted) with Camshaft End Float Spacer
Used to prevent camshaft end float on all Rover V8 engines using distributor ignition (imperial thread rate only)
Will also fit Crower, Crane, Hurricane, Typhoon, and some other aftermarket camshafts.

The Thrust bolt kit should fit straight in without need for adjustment/machining but due to manufactures tolerances on cylinder block + cam some minor machining may be required.

Clearance between cam Teflon button and timing cover should be 0.005"/0.01mm.
Prevents cam "Walk" - should be considered on all Race engines and a worthwhile addition for road vehicles with aftermarket camshafts.


£45.23 each incl. VAT @ 20%

Camshaft end bolt 602227

Camshaft end bolt 602227

7/16" UNF x 1 1/8"

Rover V8 engines

Supplied with most camshaft purchases

602227 camshaft end bolt.JPG

£1.35 each incl. VAT @ 20%

Comp Cams cam lube tub BY102

Comp Cams cam lube tub 113g BY102

Prevents metal-to-metal sticking

Comp Cams cam lube tub BY102.jpg

£10.66 incl. VAT @ 20%