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Air Cleaner Assemblies

Please note prices are subject to change (30.03.23)

14" x 3" Chrome no name Air Cleaner Assembly

Chrome similar to the Edelbrock but with no embossed logo. This is the Mr Gasket "No-name" competition air cleaner.

Complete with element. Stock image.

Mr Gasket no name air cleaner

£39.00 incl. VAT @ 20%

14" x 3" Chrome Edelbrock Air Cleaner Assembly

Suits Carburettors with 5 1/8 " aperture.
For example: Edelbrock, Carter, Holley
Requires mounting stud & hold down nut (wing nut).
Looks good under the bonnet.

Supplied with disposable folded paper air filter element.

Price includes Moroso wing nut and mounting stud.

Edelbrock air cleaner assembly

£79.65 incl. VAT @ 20%

14 x 2 Mr Gasket Chrome Air Cleaner Assembly

Low Rider This is the narrowest 14" air cleaner assembly. It is used where under bonnet clearance is a problem e.g. MG conversions. The lower air filter pan on this unit is deep-dished to fit 5 1/8" neck carbs. 

When mounted stands no higher than 2" above the carb to air cleaner mounting face. Air cleaner (paper) is a high flow design and will flow sufficient air for most applications.
Used in MGBV8, TR8, Cobra, Se7en replicas

14 x 2 Mr Gasket Chrome Air cleaner Asse

£76.33 incl. VAT @ 20%

Air Cleaner Wing Nut (Moroso)

Moroso wing Nut to suit Edelbrock or Holley Carbs

Moroso Air cleaner wing nut

£7.00 incl. VAT @ 20%

Air Filter Spacer to suit Holley/Edelbrock

Carburettor to air cleaner spacer - Allows Air cleaner to be mounted without fouling electric choke.

Carb to air cleaner spacer - Allows Air cleaner to be mounted without fouling electric choke
0.5 & 1.0" Spacers available
Please specify when ordering

Air filter spacer.jpg

£9.00 incl. VAT @ 20%

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