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Here in The Garage Shop you will find new and used equipment for testing, upgrading and working on your Rover V8 engines and vehicles. Don't forget to go the clearance sale pages for some really cheap parts.

Sealey Fuel Injection Pressure Test Set VSE211
Fuel Injection Pressure Test 1
MITYVAC Silverline Elite MV8500 Test Kit Brake Bleeder
mityvac MV8500 carrier

Please note this kit is sold as USED. Contents may differ from the original kit.

MITYVAC Silverline MV8500

Original contents (please note advisory above)


Brake bleeding, Vacuum, Clutch bleeding, Vacuum, Diesel fuel priming, Power steering evacuation, Turbocharger testing

Vacuum testing

Valve Seal Removal and Installer Kit by KANG K8045
Kangs Valve seal removal install kit
Self-Tighten Drill Chuck 5-20mm B22

Self-tighten drill chuck B22 5-22m


Self Tighten Drill Chuck
SOBA R8 Flycutter FC4 3/8"

SOBA R8 Flycutter FC4 size 3/8"



SOBA R8 flycutter FC4 3/8"
SEALEY Cylinder Leakage Tester VSE2020 V2

Sealey cylinder leakage tester VSE2020 V2

This equipment is designed to detect a variety of engine faults such as:

Worn piston rings

Worn valves

Cylinder wall cracks

Head gasket problems

In other words anything that is causing pressure to be lost from the block.

For use with petrol engines.

Instruction sheet included

Kept in storage. Does not appear to have been used.

Sealey Cylinder leakage tester
Clarke 10 1/2" Heavy Duty Circlip Plier Replaceable Tip Set AK8500

10 1/2" Heavy Duty replaceable tip circlip pliers set

A used set of circlip pliers and  tip sizes:

Tip size 0.108" 2.75mm (x6)

Tip size 0.12" 3.0mm (x6)

Please note this kit is sold as USED. Contents may differ from the original kit.

Sealey Heavy Duty Circlip Plier AK8500
Piston Ring Filer HC-2119

Piston ring grinder HC-2119 (NL 2119)

Hand operated

Tungsten carbide cutter

Will be suitable for any diameter piston rings

Instruction sheet included

This is a used item.

Piston Ring Filer HC-2119
TVR at Snetterton Circuit

TVR Chimaera V8 at Snetterton Race Track

TVR Chimeara / Griffith Door/Boot Solenoid

Replacement door or boot solenoid.
(Good Quality Aftermarket)
May require terminals to be changed depending on year of vehicle.

TVR Chimaera Griffith Solenoid door boot

Other TVR Chimaera parts available - please contact

Chicago Pneumatic 1/2" Impact Wrench CP7748

Chicago Pneumatic 1/2" Impact Wrench CP7748 Model E

For removing and initial tightening of threaded fasteners in wood, plastics and metals.

Instructiion and safety leaflet included.

Exploded diagram with component numbers.

Eye and ear protection required.

Do not over tighten; use manual torque wrench for final tightening accordng to calibrated, advised level.

Chicago Pneumatic impact wrench half inch CP7748
Chicago pneumatic spec
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