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Rocker covers Rocker sets

Please note prices are subject to change (24.05.22)

Edelbrock Rocker Covers

Edelbrock Elite Chevy V8 Rocker Covers 4262

Edelbrock Elite II Aluminium Short Perimeter/Edge Bolt Fixing Part No. 4262.

CHEVY 4.3L V6 & V8 and Rover V8*

With logo, baffle. 2.93” overall height
Requires gaskets, breathers and *adapter plates if your engine is a Rover V8.

Also available in Aluminium

£131.20 a pair incl. VAT @ 20%

Edelbrock Rocker Covers.JPG
Edelbrock Covers Box.JPG

Currently unavailable as at 9th June 2022

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