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Rover V8 4.6L crankshaft HRC2684 used

Rover V8 4.6L crankshaft HRC2684 (DA50784)


Used crankshaft to fit Rover V8 engine in various vehicles.


Needs regrinding and other work.


Been in storage for several years. Apparently came from an engine blow-up.


No apparent cracks. No apparent damage apart from that seen in the images.

HRC2684 1.JPG
HRC2684 2.JPG
HRC2684 3.JPG
HRC2684 6.JPG

£65.00 including VAT @ 20%


Rover V8 4.0L + 10 crankshaft HRC2683 reground

HRC2683 4.0L +10.JPG
HRC2683 +10.JPG
HRC2683 crank.JPG
HRC2683 cshaft +10.JPG

Rover V8 4.6L crankshaft HRC2684 (DA50785). Original Rover part.


Used crankshaft to fit Land Rover Discovery Rover V8 engine.


Reground to + 10 big ends and mains.


HRC2683 +10 label.JPG

£265.00 including VAT @ 20%

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