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Please note prices are subject to change (24.05.22)

Rover SD1/SBF Oil Filter (short) BYPH43

The Shortest Filter available.

Should solve clearance issues or where the filter is close to front cross member or chassis rails.

Applications: SD1 engines
Depth 4.055"

Made in the USA

BYPH43 short oil filter.jpg

£9.93 Incl. VAT @ 20%

Service Kit PLUS Range Rover Classic SKT6021

Range Rover Classic Service Kit Plus based on SKT6021

EFI - 3.5L and 3.9L


Air filter element

Fuel filter

Oil filter

Distributor cap

Rotor arm

Oil drain sump copper washer

Champion Copper Core Spark Plug Set (8)

Ignition Lead Set (BLUE) 7mm Silicone numbered

May also suit TVR 350/390 efi Wedge Car

SKT6021 Service Kit RRC 3.5-3.9 1.JPG
Ignition Lead Set (BLUE) 7mm Silicone.jpg

£56.36 Incl. VAT @ 20%

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