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P38 GEMS MEMS custom

Please note prices are subject to change (30.03.23)

The camshaft within the kits on this page was designed to have multiple applications. Manufactured for us by Kent Cams and given the part number HP1041-42, they are ground to the same custom specification. The only difference between some applications is that the HP1041-42 will be either a long nose or short nose type. This camshaft will not be found on the Kent Cams website as it is unique.

To read about who thought of such a camshaft go to the Who are we? page.

Use a high quality running-in oil e.g Comp Cams to support warranty

Kent Performance High Torque P38 Range Rover & Discovery 2 Camshaft to suit 4.0/4.6 GEMS / MEMS Engines. UK Made HP1041-42

Custom Ground Camshaft suitable for the 4.0/4.6L engine and derivatives using the serpentine timing cover assembly with GEMS or MEMS Engine Management
High Torque Camshaft suitable for 4WD vehicles. Approx 16 - 18 BHP increase in power and similar increase in torque with these cams.
Manufactured from chilled cast iron so more durable than the OEM Land Rover Camshaft.
Specification for this custom ground camshaft
Lobe Sep 112 Deg
Lobe Lift (mm) In 6.49 Ex 6.52
Valve Lift (mm) In. 10.29 Ex 10.32
Duration 247.5 / 260 Deg.

Use a high quality running-in oil e.g. Comp Cams break-in oil to support standard warranty

HP1041-42 short nose camshaft


All prices include VAT @ 20%

Cam kits available - please enquire
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