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Kent Cams Performance H214 Camshaft Sports TVR 3.9L, 4.5L Engines
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Manufactured from Chilled Iron and custom ground using CNC machinery for 100% accuracy.
High Lift Hydraulic Camshaft.
Best performance cam for road/track day applications and suitable for 3.9 and larger capacity Rover engine using Flapper or Hot Wire Injection. Okay on carbs too, 4 barrel e.g.
Nose is ground for cam retaining plate (circular style).
Application - Fast Road  Power 1500 - 5000rpm  Cam Lift 7.36mm In/ 7.77 Ex.
Valve Lift (mm) 11.90 In/ 12.44 Ex.
Duration: 284 Deg Inlet / 298 Deg Exhaust
Timing 31/73 78/40
Full Lift : Inlet 111 Deg ATDC
LTDC 1.57mm
For suitable valve springs, cam followers and VS installed height please inquire.
Notes : Requires Uprated Single valve springs & Recommend New Hydraulic Lifters.

Use a high quality running-in oil e.g. Comp Cams break-in oil to support standard warranty

Further details about the H214 are available HERE


Camshaft and other Kent Cams products issues: if you think the camshaft you have purchased has a problem, it needs to be returned to us. We will then forward it to be inspected by Kent Cams and await their feedback before refunds can be issued. 

TVR Chimeara / Griffith Door/Boot Solenoid

Replacement door or boot solenoid.
(Good Quality Aftermarket)
May require terminals to be changed depending on year of vehicle.

TVR Chimaera Griffith Solenoid door boot