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TVR Chimaera V8 at Snetterton Race Track

Please note prices are subject to change (24.05.22)

TVR Griffith and Chimaera Camshaft 4.5/5.0 litre (replacement for 885)

HP155-6 by Kent Cams

Chilled Iron Camshaft (Best Quality) to suit 4.3, 4.5 and 5.0 Litre Engines.
One of the best all round performing camshafts for these engines for road and track day use. Straightforward replacement.

Similar to the TVR 435 cam but with less shunting at low rpm. For best results rechip or if Emerald or similar aftermarket ECU fitted, drivability will be much improved.

Sports Cam
Power 1500 - 6000rpm
Lobe Lift (mm) In 7.27/ Ex. 7.69
Valve Lift In 11.60 /Ex. 12.30
Duration 284 / 300
Lobe Separation 116 Deg
Timing 26/78 86/34

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Camshaft and other Kent Cams products issues: if you think the camshaft you have purchased has a problem, it needs to be returned to us. We will then forward it to be inspected by Kent Cams and await their feedback before refunds can be issued. 

TVR Chimeara / Griffith Door/Boot Solenoid

Replacement door or boot solenoid.
(Good Quality Aftermarket)
May require terminals to be changed depending on year of vehicle.

TVR Chimaera Griffith Solenoid door boot