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Kent Cams Performance M256 Race/Rally Camshaft


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M256 Specification

Cam Lift (mm) 8.58mm Inlet  8.89mm Exhaust

Duration 304 Deg Inlet 310 Deg Exhaust

Full Lift Inlet 104 Deg ATDC (At Top Dead Centre)

LTDC 4.01 mm Inlet (Lift at Top Dead Centre)

Timing 48/76 87/43

Valve Lift (mm) 13.05mm Inlet/ 13.56mm Exhaust

VC (mm) 0.66mm Inlet/Exhaust (Variable compression)

Manufactured from Chilled Iron and custom ground using CNC machinery for 100% accuracy.

Long Nose Type for engines originally equipped with distributor.
To suit 3.5,3.9,4.0,4.6 & 5.0L Engines. Please state engine displacement and application when ordering.
Modifications required and installation checks should be made.

Notes: Requires double valve springs & Solid Mechanical Lifters

Use a high quality running-in oil e.g. Comp Cams break-in oil to support standard warranty

Kent Cams CF23

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Camshaft and other Kent Cams products issues: if you think the camshaft you have purchased has a problem, it needs to be returned to us. We will then forward it to be inspected by Kent Cams and await their feedback before refunds can be issued.