Billet Distributor Hold-Down Clamp Proform 66985

PROFORM 66985 Billet Distributor Hold Down Clamp

Retains precise timing

No clamp flexing

Heavy duty machined aluminium

Small block Chevy, V6 90 degrees and Big Block


Stainless steel stud



Aluminium clamp

Distributor Gears

61488 OEM Distributor Gear Drive


Defender V8 >1976, Discovery 1 V8, Range Rover Classic, MGR V8, Triumph TR8

3.5L, 3.9L, 4.2L V8

Distributor hold clamp 66985 ProForm.jpg

£9.99 incl. VAT @ 20%

614188 Distributor Drive Gear.JPG

£23.00 Incl. VAT @ 20%

ERC1353 OEM Distributor Gear and Coupling Assembly (No Pin Washer)

For: Rover V8 from 1977 onwards

Made in the UK

Hole needs to be drilled for fitting to the distributor (EAC)

ERC1353 Gear Coupling Assembly.JPG

£45.00 Incl. VAT @ 20%