Competition Camshafts

Kent Cams M238 Competition Mechanical Camshaft


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Kent Cams M238 applications

Manufactured from Chilled Iron and custom ground using CNC machinery for 100% accuracy.

To suit Rover V8 3.5,3.9,4.0,4.6 & 5.0L Engines.

Machined to accept Cam Retaining Plate Long Nose Type for engines originally equipped with distributor.

Application - Competition

For suitable valve springs, cam followers and VS installed height.

Requires double valve springs (machining to accommodate double springs)

Solid mechanical lifters.

Use a high quality running-in oil e.g. Comp Cams break-in oil to support standard warranty

M238 Specification
Cam Lift 8.05mm In/Ex.
Valve Lift (mm) 12.32 In/Ex.
Duration: 284 Deg Inlet / 290 Deg Exhaust
Timing 34/70 73/37
Full Lift: Inlet 108 Deg ATDC (At Top Dead Centre)
LTDC 2.71mm (Lift at Top Dead Centre)
Power 2750 - 7000rpm

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