RV8 SD1 3500cc Clutch Kit

Rover V8 SD1, TVR 350i Morgan+8 LT77 5 Speed Clutch Kit (Non Self Centering)

Clutch Kit to suit LT77 5 Speed , and Cosworth / TVR T5 Gearboxes
1" x 23 Spline or 25.4mm x 23 Spline.
AP Automotive 9.5 " Cover and Plate + Non Self Centering Bearing.

RV8 SD1 3500cc clutch kit.JPG

£130.00 Incl. VAT @ 20%

Clutch Slave Cylinder FTC5072

Rover SD1, TVR, MGB V8, Triumph TR8 V8 Clutch Slave Cylinder FTC5072

To Suit LT77, R380 & T5 Gearboxes.
These are good quality replacements not OE. Supplied complete with bleed nipple.
TVR Giffith 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 5.0L
MGB V8 3.5L and 3.9L
Rover Sd1 3500
Rover P5b/P6
Morgan + 8 3.5, 3.9, 4.6L

Clutch slave cyclinder.jpg

£8.40 Incl. VAT @ 20%

Clutch release bearing for LT77 and T5 EQ3264500

This clutch release bearing is suitable for:

Rover SD1 2WD clutch assemblies to approx 1979
TVR Griffith and Chimera T5 Applications

clutch release bearing LT77 T5

£17.50 Incl. VAT @ 20%